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Announced on January 16, 2016, Implementation Day marks the beginning of a "post-sanctions" era for Iran, opening the door to one of the world's largest and most promising economies. 

For the last three years the Europe-Iran Forum conference series has enabled noted European and Iranian business leaders to forge new relationships, share strategic insights, and lay the foundation for future trade and investment in Iran. Following landmark events in London (2014), Geneva (2015), and Zurich (2016), the Europe-Iran Forum has established itself as a key venue for "business diplomacy" between Iran and the international community. 

With a primary focus on Iran's private sector, the Forum seeks to encourage a multi-stakeholder approach to business development in Iran, bringing business leaders, policymakers, and members of the international press into direct conversation about the challenges, opportunities, and broader social responsibilities of commercial activity in Iran. 

This event is fully compliant with all sanctions regulations


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